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5 tips for the perfect TV stand

Actually we do it (almost) all: watching television. It’s a habit, we are there with them and we go to bed. Although it seems so ordinary, the importance of a good TV furniture and everything should there not be underestimated around it. Are you going to buy a new TV, you need a TV unit? A TV unit initially seems something you buy ‘just’, but that is certainly not true! Let’s give five tips!  

Tip # 1: Species TV unit
In many cases, the television has a central place in a house. I think it is important that this is a cozy and nice place, so you’d come together with your family and friends, but you also can relax alone. The kind of TV unit is very important. Does it fit your style? And the rest of your interior? Also check the type of material!

Tip # 2: Measurements
There are sooo many to get different televisions: all different sizes, shapes and so on. What is useful is that there are also lots of TV furniture available 😉. It is smart to choose a size that you can still use other televisions. Lets you create a custom, then it is already so difficult.

Tip # 3: Design
Eye want of course what … 😉What kind of design do you want? Want a large closet with the TV in it or do you want just a simple TV stand? Below furniture has four parts: a fine example of a comprehensive and larger TV unit.

Screenshot 2016-02-24 at 13:07:49

Prefer a simple design? Then this a fine example:

Screenshot 2016-02-24 at 13:09:45

Tip # 4: Lighting
To watch television is pleasant lighting is also an important component. For example, choose LED lighting strips and a light next to the TV.

Tip # 5: Height
Last but not least know! You want to look good TV, it is important to look at the height of the television. The right amount depends on your height and length. Often, this is around 95 centimeters.

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