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How to maintain and clean your oak furniture?

A bookcase or table of oak is nice in the study or dining room. The beautiful hues and natural look of the wood give a warm atmosphere to your home. The trick is to keep your nice furniture actually beautiful. And of course, the intention that you are there as long as possible to have fun.

Maintain your oak furniture can be quite a chore. But with the right tips you master this skill in no time. The aim is now to once you know what to do in case of an oiled, lacquered or waxed furniture. The following tips will help you surely to keep your oak furniture still years from today, nice and firm.

Generally applies for maintenance of wooden furniture:

• Use coasters before warm or hot pans, pots, etc. placed on the timber.
• Ensure that you use coasters cork stripped at the bottom. Namely cork can stick on the wooden surface. The coasters should also not be moist or hot, as this can penetrate the wood, resulting in discoloration or cracks.
• Cover your furniture from solid oak wood not long with airtight textiles such as sheets or rugs.
• Keep the temperature and humidity in your home as much as possible stable. For temperature can be maintained, the average body temperature of a human being of a maximum of 36 degrees. For humidity is that which should be around 50 and 60 percent. Especially solid wood is sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. This can be seen when the timber after some time becomes dry and begins to show cracks.
• Wipe the wood of an oak furniture dry immediately if it gets wet. Do not let the liquid sit on it, otherwise it can by things in the woods with all its consequences.
• When your furniture gives a cleanup, make sure you wipe the wood surface in the longitudinal direction of the timber thread.

Cleaning oiled tables

• Use a dry cloth or a cloth moistened with water. Do not use soap or other detergents.
• Does your furniture after a while dry, cracked or rough off, then it is ready for a makeover with a good wood oil. You do this by first wiping the furniture with a special cleaner for oiled furniture. After you have erased the dirt, grease or rough parts, go over it with wood oil. Wipe last with a lint-free cloth. The wood oil provides a good protection against moisture, dirt, circles and gives the oak furniture are beautiful natural color back.
• It is advisable to give a thorough cleaning your oak furniture once or twice a year. Of course, this also depends on how you deal with your furniture around the year and how often you clean them after use.

Lacquered furniture

Furniture are coated with lacquer can be cleaned best with a moist cloth or degreaser. What you definitely should not take the cleanup: polishes with silicon, corrosive products or abrasive sponge. These agents can so damage the oak wood surface that the affected areas can only be restored with a machine.

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