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Reclaimed Wood Headboards – Best Choices

A headboard can be a beautiful addition to your bed as well as an added convenience. Today, it is available on the market in every style, shape, material, fabric, and size to match the requirements of just every buyer. The most commonly used material is reclaimed wood. Wooden headboards come in different styles such as carved wooden headboards, simple frame headboards, or headboards with wooden panels. To help you select the best reclaimed wood headboard, here is a list of the top 5 headboards.

1. The Lake Nest Gray Weathered Modern Industrial Reclaimed Wood Wall Mount Headboard

This headboard can make a bed appear more polished and add beauty to the entire look of the bed as well as provide support for the back when you are sitting up in bed.


The base of the headboard is designed to match the surface of the headboard through a series of different processes, including distressing, aging, and applying a layer of wax for customized finish. With its weight between 140 to 220 pounds, the headboard is constructed to be durable, solid, and sturdy. It comes with a head, foot, center support, slats and sides that are all ready to assemble. There are several options for the headboard finish using customized wax sealers that keep the appearance natural and raw and offer a low-maintenance sealer that will age gracefully.


  • Size of King: 50 inches tall
  • Size of Queen: 20 inches tall
  • Wall-mounted cleat for secure and easy hanging
  • It is lightly sanded to make sure the surface is smooth enough for a person to lean against it
  • Constructed with weathered reclaimed cedar scraps that are hand selected
  • Colors: Lightest gray or white, silver, cedar wood undertones, charcoal gray and midnight gray or black.
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2. Paducah Pallets Pallet Wood Headboard

This headboard from Paducah Pallets is a unique headboard that would suit your needs perfectly.


It is made up using recycled and reclaimed pallets. It comes with a two by two frame with wood finishing on the top, sides, and front. It can be attached to the wall with a French cleat as it does not include legs. It is very easy to install and the instructions on hanging the headboard are included in the package.


  • Width: Three inches
  • Height: Thirty inches
  • Length: Fifty-four inches
  • Materials used: Pallet wood, reclaimed wood, reclaimed pallets, reclaimed pallet wood, recycled wood, unfinished wood, recycled pallets, nails and screws.
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3. The Moose Duck Home Furnishings Staggered Wooden Shabby Chic Headboard

This headboard can give your bed a chic, beachy, and an all-around adorable look. The multi-purpose piece of art can be used as a headboard or hung over the couch in your living room as a wall art.


The height and width of the standard piece are about thirty-six inches and twenty-four inches respectively, but its width can vary depending on the size of your bed. It comes with flush mount hardware for convenience in hanging and can be hung at any height as per your desire. The headboard is gender neutral and can be made in several colors. For easy carrying and shipping, it can be folded in half and held together using the hinges.


  • Standard height: 24 inches; width can vary depending on the size of the bed
  • Material: cedar wood
  • Flush mount hardware provided for easy hanging
  • Very strong and sturdy
  • Can be folded in half
  • Easy to carry around as well as to hang
  • Options for colors: Gray, white and light blue
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4. The Lake Nest Whitewash Reclaimed Wood Headboard

The bedroom ambiance is affected by the furniture you place, and this headboard can be excellent for a country-style bedroom.


This headboard is constructed by selecting and laying the boards of recycled reclaimed wood to make sure that each board compliments the other. Next, they are individually cut and lightly sanded to produce a splinter-less piece. Lastly, the boards are fitted, cut in a customized design, and screwed securely before an artistically washed layer of color is poured to blend the final appearance of the headboard. It comes with a cleat flush to hang it on the wall and can be hung at whatever height you desire. The standard overall height of the headboard is thirty inches, but you have the option to choose other sizes from the listings.


  • Height and width of the headboard: 30 inches
  • Length: 3 inches
  • Material: Recycled reclaimed wood
  • Colors available: White, gray, blue, turquoise, chippy, barn red and faded
  • Type of finish: Brushed
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5. All Barn Wood Cottage Style Rustic Reclaimed Wood Headboard

This arched headboard can give your bedroom a bold, contemporary and sophisticated look.


It is made up of several three-inch wide vertical slats of reclaimed barn wood that come in a variety of rustic colors. It can be attached to the frame of your existing bed and comes with an “off the ground” option so that you can decide on how far off the ground do you want the headboard to sit. Assembly and disassembly are fairly very simple. All the user needs to do is put together the pieces and insert the provided screws using a screwdriver or a drill.


  • Production method: Constructed using 100% reclaimed barn wood
  • Material: Reclaimed wood, screws, glue and nails
  • Size: King
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It may seem unlikely to you, but the design of the headboard has a major impact on the look of your entire bedroom. The Lake Nest Whitewash Reclaimed Wood Headboard is the most preferred choice, followed by All Barn Wood Cottage Style Rustic Reclaimed Wood Headboard, Paducah Pallets Pallet Wood Headboard, The Moose Duck Home Furnishings Staggered Wooden Shabby Chic Headboard, and The Lake Nest Grey Weathered Modern Industrial Reclaimed Wood Wall Mount Headboard.