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Teak Wood Furniture, this is what you should know about

Description: In this article, we look at garden furniture in teak wood, letting aging (or not) of teak wood furniture, overwinter and servicing.

In this article we show what you can buy garden furniture in teak wood, which require maintenance teak wood and how late winter this garden furniture. We distinguish between teak wood which you may or may not let aging (gray wash).

Teak garden furniture

Teak wood is a wood species with special properties, while also relatively expensive. Striking compared to other materials is how powerful and durable teak wood. By teak wood to dry in the correct manner, the properties are still further enhanced.

Teak wood comes from the teak tree, the tree can easily grow to 40 meters high. A teak tree grows more slowly than other trees and is often soon pooped on plantations as the correct thickness is reached. Teak is used in joinery, furniture for indoor and outdoor furniture. For some applications, teak is the only material that is truly sustainable. Ideal for garden furniture! Both tables, chairs and ottomans.

Teak wood in gray wash or wood color teak wood

Generally we distinguish between teak wood is and is not maintained. Often late graying teak wood and is accomplished in a uniform gray color. Will you treat it with teak oils and maintenance products? Then it is possible to retain the color of wood or to bring back.

So you make your own choices. Go for a gray wash teak teak table or normal? We encourage you to review when you leave aging teak handle it. Let the garden furniture first three months alone, and then use a whitener to highlight the light gray color of the material. When you opt for a natural look, it is important to treat your patio furniture regularly. In this way, the wood color is retained for several years and your patio furniture resistant to weathering.

teak wood furniture
teak wood table

Teak wood furniture overwinter

Teak garden furniture you can leave outside in the winter or in turn. When selected for the discoloring of teak wood is left often stand in the garden furniture. To retain the wood color of teak? We advise you to bring in the material. When you opt for aging can possibly cover your outdoor furniture with plastic. In this way, moisture has less influence on the material and thereby is inhibited aging.

Maintenance of teak wood furniture

If you want your teak furniture will last long treatment with green soap not enough. However, it is ideal for cleaning teak wood! Green soap is not expensive and the cleaning of teak wood, there seems hardly any better detergent. Green soap also works if you want to remove stains on teak wood, the wood will not discolor it.

Would you feed the wood and wood color accent hours? Then you need maintenance means therefor. Even if you choose to aging teak wood furniture (gray wash), it is advisable to use a whitener. Please note that at the same time, however, teak wood contains many natural oils of himself. In many cases, the wood is still very lively and was clean enough to display the wood character.

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